Creative ideas start
with a blank slate

Creative ideas start with a blank slate.Blanks, or pre-manufactured papers, can run the gamut from simple pre-die-cut door hangers to triple-fold self-mail and return mail envelopes (think Publisher’s Clearing House), customer-loyalty cards (like those from your local grocery store), to pre-numbered, stubbed tickets printed on safety paper to prevent unauthorized reproduction. These two companies will give you new ideas for self promotion and for innovative offerings to your customers.

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Multi Style II for QuarkXPress 8

Multi Style II for QuarkXPress 8Multi Style II XT for QuarkXPress 8 provides easy block-based style sheets for formatting of price lists, tab data, catalogue text, and more. This product leaps character-based and paragraph-based style sheets in a single bound.

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MadeToPrint with imposition for QuarkXPress and InDesign

Today’s POVFor those who are using alap's Imposer and Imposer Pro, creating printer's spreads within QuarkXPress® is paramount to your workflow. It also means that until Imposer Pro is upgraded, you may not be able to upgrade to QuarkXPres 8. With the latest release of MadeToPrint for QuarkXPress and InDesign®, you can now upgrade with confidence.

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Xcatalog Pro for QuarkXPress and InCatalog Pro for InDesign will reign in your wayward catalogues

Xcatalog for QuarkXPress and InCatalog for InDesignCatalogue production may be the most time consuming of all publishing projects. A single catalogue can be a burden on everyone: IT managers, database creators, designers, photographers, production artists, and even the customer. There may be dozens of collaborators, thousands of pages, tens of thousands of images, and yet somehow you are expected to pull it all together into a beautiful, easy-to-navigate design with every last-minute pricing update, product description, and photo in place and perfect. With Xcatalog and InCatalog, not only is this possible, it's easy.

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Jump into variable-data messaging with Xdata for QuarkXPress and InData for InDesign

Xdata for QuarkXPress and InData for InDesignEm Software, the manufacturer of Xdata for QuarkXPress and InData for InDesign, touts their products as mail merge on steroids. I think that definition is an understatement — of huge proportions.

In our screencast and in the images on the pages of this story, you will get a real feel for the power of Xdata and InData. It's not just about importing data, it's about styling that text on import and removing as many manual tasks as possible. Take a look and see for yourself.

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pdfToolbox 4 for Acrobat 8/9. The entire toolbox — from printer's spreads to color management.

pdfToolbox 4

By some accounts, today's output providers are getting up to 80% of customers' projects as PDFs. In-house publishers are often 100% PDF workflows. With all these PDFs floating around in cyberspace and ethernet, what's in your arsenal to ensure that what you see is what you output? pdftoolbox 4 is more than just a bigger hammer.

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Better sites through blogging

Better sites through blogging

Web sites are so passé. In a world of immediate gratification, unless you have a fairly extensive skill set that includes Dreamweaver®, HTML, CSS, and enough JavaScript®, and Flash® to get by, a traditional web site can leave you feeling frustrated. Being held hostage by an expensive or absent webmaster only compounds the issue as your noteworthy company announcements slip away without ever being posted to your most-visible and constant company marketing campaign.

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Enfocus Switch — to a better team

Enfocus Switch — to a better teamThe Enfocus Switch product line-up is second to none in my book. Enfocus guides the entire PDF-creation process, works with all major design software, offers in-application support that clearly explains errors and fixes, and automatically corrects errors during preflight.

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LinkOptimizer 4 for Photoshop and InDesign CS – CS4

LinkOptimizer 4 LinkOptimizer is an InDesign Plug-in that works with Adobe Photoshop to reduce the size of images by eliminating excess image data, perform essential image adjustments such as color conversion and sharpening, and convert file formats. This handy utility will significantly reduce your InDesign document's file size, processing time, and production costs. If you are archiving files or sending them to an output device, LinkOptimizer provides you a succinct, compact file size perfect for back up, print, or transport.

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Working to create CourtSide Consulting, I put SiteGrinder through the paces

SiteGrinder 2Every now and then I get writer’s block. Not because I can’t figure out what to write, but because the product seems so over my head that it intimidates me into silence. SiteGrinder seems like a great product, but far beyond my skill set — thus, writer’s block. With this article now under my belt, I have one thing to say: You have GOT to get this Plug-in!

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Put the squeeze on — get CopyFit

CopyFit for QuarkXPress or InDesignThe power of the CopyFit Desktop XTensions™ module for QuarkXPress® or Plug-in for InDesign® in handling overset and under set text isn’t readily apparent from just a brief product description, so let's try for a full article.

CopyFit is designed to detect and remedy overset or under set text conditions in any QuarkXPress or InDesign document. The automation and time savings it offers over manually dealing with these issues is amazing, to say the least.

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Text and anchored graphics content in your QuarkXPress projects and InDesign documents are a valuable commodity.


CopyFlow Gold for QuarkXPress and InDesignImagine being able to export all of the individual text boxes of a catalogue, translate the text, and then have it flow back into the document, in the same way it was exported. How about exporting all the text for archiving, or for creating web pages, or populating a database? It's not impossible, it's the feature set of CopyFlow Gold: round-tripping — or just exporting — of text and graphics between QuarkXPress or InDesign and Word RTF or tagged text files.

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X-Ray Magazine Shared ContentRecently, Joe Root noticed that he was using a text and picture boxes in several places and constantly manipulating that content over and over in the different places where the content had been placed...and then it dawned on him... Find out what.

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TeXTractor for QuarkXPress 8 — for pulp-free text extraction

TeXTractor for QuarkXPress 8If you're tasked with getting out what was once put in — text that is — TeXTractor for QuarkXPress 8 will fast become your favorite XTensions module. Now supporting QuarkXPress 8 (and 4, 6, and 7, too), breathe easy knowing that you can give your cut and paste keys a rest.

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