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If you have already defined a setting and added comments (I'll explain this a bit later), the comments will be shown in the center pane.

MadeToPrint for QuarkXPress and InDesign Figure 3

Figure 3 Comments saved with a job or set provide you an opportunity to pass detailed information forward to colleagues, or as a reminder to yourself about the set up of a particular selection.

When you choose a job or set, you can further define options at the bottom of this dialogue box. If you have a documents open, choose to process the active document, all open document, or an entire folder of documents. You may also dictate a page range here as long as your choices do not conflict with the range that you have defined in the job (we'll get to that soon as well).

MadeToPrint for QuarkXPress and InDesign Figure 4b

Figure 4 From the QuarkXPress run dialogue box print the current document, all open documents, or an entire folder.

To get rolling, choose edit and I'll walk you through how to create a new job.

Dialogue box layout

At the top-left corner of this dialogue box, you will find the new setting (job), new set, duplicate set/setting, and delete set/setting icons. Since we are modifying the default, I simply type a name to override the default name.

MadeToPrint for QuarkXPress and InDesign Figure 5

Figure 5 In the name field, type a name for your job or set. Using a name that's fairly descriptive will help others choose the right job or set, but you also can use the comments field to provide a great amount of detail.

For my example, I am setting up an automated system to create PostScript files for individual pages with unique names, like the newspaper in my introduction to this article.

In the left pane (refer back to figure 5), the jobs and sets I define will be listed as I create them and will also, therefore, appear in the run dialogue box as they are saved.

In the center pane there are printer options. The right pane will dynamically display the sub-options for each printer option.


In the general settings (once again, refer back to figure 5), name the job or set and try to be as descriptive as possible to make choosing a job or set as intuitive.

The flag setting controls the availability of this job/set in the run dialogue box. A flag set to lock will prevent a user from selecting a job/set.

You may also rate the job/set to control the order that it appears in the run dialogue box. The more stars you assign a job/set, the higher it will appear in the list.

Use the comments field to impart detailed information about the job/set. As shown back in figure 3, these comments also appear in the run dialogue box.

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