MadeToPrint for QuarkXPress and QPS
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MadeToPrint for QuarkXPress and InDesign Figure 12b

Figure 10 From the center pane click down through the options and define the settings as you go.

Just as though you had chosen print from the file menu, you can define everything about the print process including the printing of multiple copies and the definition of page ranges. Every setting that you would normally define if you were stuck in the tedium of printing each and every job manually (or in this case, each page manually).

When you have defined your settings, click print and the settings are stored in your MadeToPrint job. A summary of your choices also now appears in the bottom-right pane.


If you have chosen to generate PostScript files, the option for Distiller is activated and you can provide settings for this interaction as well.

MadeToPrint for QuarkXPress and InDesign Figure 13b

Figure 11 When generating PostScript files, you need to locate your copy of Distiller in order to automatically process the documents within that application. We'll delve into hot folders in the sections to come.

Notice that as you make your way down the center pane and choose settings for the print options, a checkmark appears next to the option to indicate that you have provided settings for this option.

File Name

When I started this article, I relayed the story of the newspaper that output every page as a bitmap, each with a unique name. Here is where the powerful naming options are defined.

When you choose to create files instead of printing directly to a device, you can define the name of the file. The destination folder must be defined since this is the place that the generated files will be stored. If you wish to store the files in the same location as the document from which you are creating the files, check the box for using the current path. Otherwise, click the choose path button and navigate to the desired location.

The name of the file that is generated can be defined in the middle area of this pane. Notice the drop-down menus titled insert token and insert token sequence. Selecting from these menus enables you to fully customize the generated-document name, but you are not limited to just tokens. You may include static text as well.

MadeToPrint for QuarkXPress and InDesign Figure 14b

Figure 12 Powerful naming options include drop-down menus for inserting tokens. When creating the file name, the token (placeholder) will be replaced with the information that it references.

You may string together a number of tokens or even add static text, if you wish. To edit a token, click the edit token sequences button

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