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When you are using an output option other than print, you may use the token options for file naming. As powerful as this feature is, it can be difficult to master. MadeToPrint, fortunately, has a token help area that will help you to understand the syntax and use it to your advantage,

MadeToPrint for QuarkXPress and InDesign Figure 15b

Figure 13 Use token help for assistance with customizing the content of your Infobar (job slug).


When you save the output as EPS files, it will always create a single page of output for each page of the project. For the other output styles, you need to check the box to use single-page output at the top of this pane. If you are collecting for output, the page option is not available.

MadeToPrint for QuarkXPress and InDesign Figure 16b

Figure 14 Here you can see the page options for QuarkXPress.


If you have used layers in your document, click the layers option to define what layers will output.

  • Print all visible layers (WYSIWYG)
  • Print all layers (print all existing layers on one page)
  • Print every visible layer separately
  • Print every layer separately
  • Print layer combination (print fix layers in combination with the variable layers of the document)

MadeToPrint for QuarkXPress and InDesign Figure 17b

Figure 15 In my QuarkXPress project (bottom), I have a variable-data job set up and using layers, I can output my static items or my VDP content.


Info bar — or more commonly known as job slug — provides options for the slug placed at the margin of the output. You can add an infobar to printed files, or files saves as EPS or PostScript.

The infobar is divided into three areas: left, center, and right. You can define the width of these areas using points, millimeters, or percentages. Using preview, you can easily see how the settings will appear without going through the output process and checking the final media.

MadeToPrint for QuarkXPress and InDesign Figure 18

Figure 16 Using the infobar option, you can add a job slug to your document, with full support for tokens, as shown here.

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