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Printjob Name

This option sets the naming convention for internal PostScript file names (think back to my example early on). The printjob name can be the same as the file name, or you can use the tokens drop-down menu to string together multiple options for building a file name on the fly.

MadeToPrint for QuarkXPress and InDesign Figure 19

Figure 17 Use the printjob name option to create a file name for the internal PostScript names.

PostScript expert

With this feature and the integrated editor, an expert PostScript user can define PostScript snippets. Here again, there is full support for tokens.

MadeToPrint for QuarkXPress and InDesign Figure 20

Figure 18 Expert PostScript options enable a user to extend PostScript output capabilities through the use of snippets.


It's always a good to preflight before output, but with a fully automated system, this may seem like a step you have to forfeit in favor of batch printing; but what if there are issues in the file? Should it stop the printing process, continue printing, ask the user?

Fortunately MadeToPrint gives you the options of preflighting first and of continuing the print process in spite of the errors or to halt the print process. The various options for the two applications are shown in the following figures.

As for missing fonts and images, MadeToPrint is capable of searching for them in predefined locations, if you choose. Using this option might mean the difference between an output tray full of completed files or an alert dialogue box when you wake your computer.

MadeToPrint for QuarkXPress and InDesign Figure 22b

Figure 19 You can use the preflighting options with any of the output options, including collect for output.

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