MadeToPrint for QuarkXPress and QPS
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Using this option you can create a package of InDesign documents and all of the assets that go with it. As with most other features here, there is full support for tokens.

MadeToPrint for QuarkXPress and InDesign Figure 23

Figure 20 The package feature will gather the InDesign document, fonts, and other assets into a single location.


This feature enables you to run scripts (JavaScript, AppleScript, VisualBasic Script, and Batch files) or applications for batch processing either before or after the document has been output. Use the choose button to navigate to the script or application.

If you use the open all documents option, you will minimize the chances for errors that might pop up when opening a document. If you prefer not to, then the documents will be processed consecutively.

MadeToPrint for QuarkXPress and InDesign Figure 24b

Figure 21 Use the script options to run scripts or applications before or after you have output your file.


If you are a QuarkXPress user, there is a batch feature as well. Simply choose batch in the print options and then click the choose button to choose the folder of documents that you wish to batch process.

MadeToPrint for QuarkXPress and InDesign Figure 26

Figure 22 Using the batch-processing feature found in the QuarkXPress version, you can process a folder of documents in one pass.

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